From looking far and wide for the perfect place to negotiating and then finally moving in, buying a house can be a chaotic process. And once you have finally found “the one”, it’s time to begin the improvement process to make your new house a home.

While there are several projects to be done after you move in, security is top of mind for homebuyers. Home security can come in many different forms, depending on your budget, location, type of home or generally what makes you feel safe. According to a survey conducted by Kwikset and Trulia, here are the top three things recent homebuyers do to improve their home security when they move in:

  1. Start with the front door: It may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s a crucial first step. In fact, 70% of recent homebuyers replace or re-key their locks when they move in. Whether your new house is old and charming, or a brand new build, it is likely that people previously had access to your house. Changing the door lock is the best place to start to make sure unwanted access is revoked. We suggest a lock that you can install and re-key yourself like Kwikset locks with SmartKey Security. These locks are secure and protect against common and sophisticated break-in methods, but also allow you to re-key them yourself without having to change the entire lock the next time you need to refresh your security. This form of home security gives you control of exactly who has access to your home.
  2. Install a Security System: Almost half of recent homebuyers agree that it is extremely important to install a security system. Security systems can range from professional, full-home monitoring systems, to DIY installation like smart locks, motion sensor lights, and smart doorbells. Either option allows you to check your home security on a smartphone throughout the day for constant monitoring. Read here to learn more about how to install different levels of security systems on a budget.
  3. Join Neighborhood Watch: To take a step further and make an impact outside the home, several new homebuyers join Neighborhood Watch programs. Watch groups bring a sense of community in neighborhoods and over time decrease crime rates in targeted areas. They are also a great place to meet members of your new community and learn about the area.

What other steps do you take to make your new home secure? Comment below with other tips for recent homebuyers.