Buying a home can be an overwhelming life milestone, so Kwikset partnered with Trulia, a home and neighborhood resource for homebuyers and renters, to really understand how recent homebuyers think about the home buying process and help them through their experience. What we found is that no matter what the experience was like – whether you drove around and saw many houses before finding “the one,” or your first bid was accepted – there is one constant when it comes to the top concerns among recent homebuyers: security.

Kwikset Homebuying

Recent homebuyers want the peace of mind that their home is safe and secure, and will often participate in neighborhood watches or install new door locks, security systems or upgrading to motion-activated lights and cameras.

Nearly half of recent homebuyers believe that changing or replacing door locks is the single most important task to ensure their home is safe, but even then, six out of ten respondents feel that they could do more to make sure their home is secure.

So, what more can consumers do? The teams at Kwikset and Trulia, along with help from real estate agent and HGTV host Matt Blashaw, developed a list of the top three home improvement projects at every price point that will help to secure your new home.

  1. Replace or rekey your exterior door locks ($50+)

According to Kwikset’s Recent Homebuyer Survey, nearly 80% of recent homebuyers feel it is very important to replace or rekey the locks when moving into a new home, and their behavior is consistent with what they say, as 70% either replaced or rekeyed the locks in their new home. But for discerning homeowners, choosing the “right” door lock is just as important as finding the right home.

When in the hardware aisle or shopping online, consider purchasing Kwikset door hardware products with SmartKey security.

“Kwikset products are sleek, stylish, and most of all, secure,” says Matt Blashaw. “I always recommend recent homebuyers replace the door locks as soon as they move in, and Kwikset locks with advanced SmartKey security are a great option for their patented security features.”

Kwikset products with SmartKey include advanced security features not found in traditional pin and tumbler locks. SmartKey products help protect against the most common break-in methods – lock bumping and picking – but also help protect against advanced break-in techniques. What’s more, homeowners with SmartKey products can quickly and easily re-key their locks to render lost or unreturned keys invalid and enable one-key convenience all without removing the lock from the door. Kwikset products with SmartKey are available in different styles and finishes to meet your new home’s decor.

  1. Install smart products, like smart locks, video doorbells and or motion lights (Budget: $140+)

For even more security, homeowners are turning to smart products to secure and control their entryways. In fact, 45% of homeowners who plan to replace their locks will choose a smart lock option. To add even more security and connectivity, 28% of recent homebuyers plan on installing video doorbells after moving into their new home. Most video doorbells allow you to interact with visitors without having to unlock or open the door, and can even track visitors that dropped by while you were away.

Kwikset Kevo smart locks and accessories, including Kevo 2nd Gen, Kevo Convert, and Kevo Plus, are easy to install and allow homeowners even more convenience and control of their home security. Kevo products are compatible with a range of smart home products, including Ring and Skybell video doorbells, so when used together, give homeowners a smart entryway that can be controlled easily with one touch from their smartphones. All Kwikset smart locks come standard with SmartKey security.

Additionally, motion lights are also a small (and sometimes inexpensive) change that nearly half of recent homebuyers opt to install. Motion lights can provide a deterrent to would-be break-ins, especially if your new house is set back from the streetlights.

  1. Install a professionally monitored security system ($1,000+)

If you set aside a portion of your home buying budget to double down on security, then a professionally installed and monitored security system may be right for you. A connected security system allows for devices to work together, on one platform. Connecting your lock to a robust security system, while not standard, provides a robust security environment to help protect your entire home. In fact, our survey showed that 38% of recent homebuyers do just that. Kwikset manufactures a range of smart locks; from push button keypad locks to sleek touchscreen smart locks that can integrate into your security system.

What did you do to secure your new home? Let us know in the comments!