Buying a home can be an overwhelming life milestone, so Kwikset partnered with Trulia, a home and neighborhood resource for homebuyers, to really understand how recent homebuyers think about the home buying process and what builders should consider before they start construction. What we found is that no matter what the buying experience was like, there is one constant when it comes to the top concerns among recent homebuyers: security.

Recent homebuyers want the peace of mind that their home is safe and secure – even if they are the first owners – and will often install new door locks, security systems or upgrade to motion-activated lights and cameras.

Nearly half of recent homebuyers believe that changing or replacing door locks is the single most important task to ensure their home is safe, but even then, six out of ten respondents feel that they could do more to make sure their home is secure.

So, what can a builder do? The answer is easy, provide a home owner with peace of mind by selling security features upfront. 24% of new home owners say the single most important thing in their decision purchase was the features of the home.

The Kwikset team developed a list of features that are easy for builders to offer.

SmartKey Security

Kwikset locks that feature SmartKey Security allow for the lock to be re-keyed in 3 simple steps without removing the lock from the door. Builders that include SmartKey Security on their homes can rekey the lock in front of the new home owner in seconds. So the homeowner knows that knows that they’re the only ones to own the new key. Additionally, SmartKey Security is patented technology that protects against advanced break in techniques. Read about our latest SmartKey innovations here, Next-Level Home Security.

Smart home Ecosystem

Homeowners are turning to smart products to secure and control their entire home. To add more security and connectivity, 28% of recent homebuyers plan on installing video doorbells after moving in, unless it’s already included. Most video doorbells allow homeowners to interact with visitors without having to unlock or open the door, and can even track visitors that dropped by while homeowners are away. Kwikset’s Kevo products – such as Kevo, Kevo Plus and Kevo Convert – are compatible with a range of smart home products, including Ring and Skybell video doorbells, so when used together, give homeowners a smart entryway that can be controlled easily with one touch from their smartphones.

Convenient Security

Let’s be real, if it isn’t easy no one will use it. Kwikset has developed a line of smart products that integrate with security and home automation systems that allow for easy access control. Kwikset’s line of SmartCode™ electronic deadbolts with Home Connect™ technology featuring Z-Wave or Zigbee, Premis (Apple® HomeKit™-compatible smart lock), and the Kevo smart lock allow homeowners to provide customized user codes or eKeys that can be sent via smart phone to visitors. The homeowner can control access by setting the user code or eKey to expire, or limiting access during certain days or times. Additionally, Premis and Kevo keep a log of who comes and goes, as do many home security systems. Visit our electronics locks page to learn more.

How are you adding security and convenience to your client’s homes? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.