After introducing InHome Locking and Unlocking and Kevo Plus to grant remote access to all Kwikset® Kevo™ users last month, we’re making it even easier for you to control your wireless front door and home security.

Kwikset Kevo smart lock now works with the Ring™ Video Doorbell, so you can use the wireless camera to see and speak with whoever is at your door when they ring the doorbell and unlock it to let them in, all from your smartphone. The two easy-to-install, DIY smart home products work together to give you complete control of your front door from a smartphone.

How It Works

When guests push the Ring Video Doorbell or the doorbell’s motion sensors detect movement, you can use the Ring mobile app to verify and speak with the guest through the wireless front door camera. If you like who you see, you can unlock your Kevo smart lock from the Ring app while inside your home, or send your guest an eKey to let them in from anywhere. Once you have upgraded to Kevo Plus, you can also use the Ring Video Doorbell and remotely lock or unlock your Kevo smart lock from anywhere in the world.

How to Make Your Front Door Smart

Kevo smart lock and the Ring Video Doorbell install in minutes and work together without requiring an additional smart home platform. Once installed, you simply download the Ring iOS app version 2.7 available for free in the App Store, connecting the two smart home products and giving you complete control of your front door from camera to lock. The integration will be available to Android and Windows 10 users in the coming weeks.

To make your home smart beyond the front door, Kevo also works with Nest, letting you control your home’s temperature through the Kevo app.

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