Kevo now works with IFTTT

When we launched the Kevo Smart Lock in 2014 our team intended on Kevo to be the introduction to your smart home experience. Since then the home automation industry has expanded to connect all your devices to the internet, and we want Kevo to be the trigger for many of your home automation actions. Our newest partnership with IFTTT  provides just that, a way for Kevo to trigger actions with the other devices in your home, and to celebrate we’re giving away a Kevo Smart Lock to our fans.

Kevo and IFTTT Applets

What is IFTTT? IFTTT is free a web-based service that allows users to create Applets to automate a number of actions or tasks.  Click through to the IFTTT information page for more.  IFTTT stands for If THIS then THAT, and we’ve made Kevo the THIS in that statement.

I have Kevo, what can I do? We’ve come up with a few Applets for you to try out, from things like telling SmartThings to turn on your lights when you unlock your Kevo, to asking Skybell HD to record someone leaving your home. The possibilities for what Kevo can do in your home are endless, and only dependent on the number of channels you connect to IFTTT.

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You’ve probably noticed by now that Kevo is only a “trigger” in the IFTTT ecosystem. We’ve done this purposefully, to help protect your home security. For now, we’re hoping we can help prevent an inadvertent door unlock because the living room lights turned on, or an accidental lock when you were outside triggering your IOT sprinkler system. As more of our users join and use IFTTT we’ll work to make Kevo an “action,” to open even more possibilities for the platform.

We’re hoping that you’ll explore IFTTT and come up with some Applets on your own. We’re giving away a Kevo 2nd Generation to celebrate the launch, and we want to see all your Applets!  What are you waiting for? Create a recipe today!

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