Meet Kevo Convert: A new smart lock conversion kit from Kwikset, and the latest extension of the trusted Kwikset Kevo platform.

Available for purchase now, Kevo Convert is a simple way to make your lock smart and pair it with your phone, adding convenience and peace of mind to your life without committing to installing a full smart lock or smart home hub. Whether you are unable or to change your door lock or simply do not want to because you love its style, Kevo Convert offers an affordable and DIY smart lock upgrade for your existing deadbolt.

What is a smart lock conversion kit?

Unlike our whole lock solution with the Kevo Smart Lock, installing the Kevo Convert smart lock conversion kit replaces only the interior of your lock so you can keep the style of your existing exterior deadbolt while adding smart lock features to make your life a little bit easier.

In just minutes, you can transform your existing deadbolt and control your lock from your phone with the Kevo app. Smart lock features with Kevo Convert include:

  • Lock and unlock Kevo Convert with your smartphone or other device within Bluetooth range of the lock, so you can unlock the door when you’re standing outside or lock it from your bed
  • “Auto Lock” Security: This optional security feature automatically locks your door after the lock is unlocked and 30 seconds has passed
  • Easy Home Management with eKeys: Easily manage home access for family, friends, and guests using the digital eKeys in the Kevo app, so you can grant or revoke access to others from your smartphone
  • Smart Home Integration: Pair Kevo Convert with a range of smart home products to easily configure a custom smarter home
  • Remote Access with Kevo Plus: Upgrade to Kevo Plus to lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world connected to the Internet

Visit to find out more about how you can an affordable, easy to install smart lock conversion kit with Kevo Convert.

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