On August 1st, 2017 we launched a few highly anticipated updates to our Kevo App for iOS (Android coming soon). These updates improve lock response time both when using Kevo Touch-to-Open™ technology and when locking and unlocking in app, as well as providing additional troubleshooting resources. Download the latest app from the App Store and experience the best that Kevo has to offer.


Common User Feedback – Inconsistent Touch-to-Open™

In app version 2.0.17, we have updated the lock calibration experience when installing a new Kevo smart lock or when resetting calibration on an existing deadbolt. Following the step-by-step guide in the app will deliver faster response times and near perfect response rate when operating Kevo via touch.

Resetting calibration will also help Kevo to re-learn where to “look” for your smartphone and/or FOB when near your door. This will also ensure that your lock understands if your smartphone or FOB is inside or outside your door, improving security.  We recommend that all users experiencing inconsistent Touch-to-Open™ reset their lock calibration on all devices to have the best experience possible.

Want to further improve Kevo Touch-to-Open™ accuracy and response? Enable location services in the Kevo app. Location services help the Kevo app to identify if you are in movement. This allows the Kevo app to stay ‘awake’ and we can ensure the best possible touch-to-open experience. If you don’t have location services enabled, the touch-to-open experience will be negatively impacted.

Common User Feedback – Battery Drain

Our new Latch Calibration troubleshooting steps will help our users that may be experiencing short battery life or difficulty in turning the turnpiece. Latch calibration is a crucial step in the installation process that can be overlooked in the excitement of installing and using your Kevo smart lock. This step “teaches” Kevo which direction to throw your deadbolt so that the motor doesn’t waste energy trying to turn it the wrong direction.

Common User Feedback – Difficulty Pairing Smartphone or FOB

We’ve added a new interactive guide for system resets, to “start over” with your Kevo installation. System resets should be a troubleshooting last resort, but we’ve included the new information for users who need to fully reset their smart lock. If you change your phone, install a used Kevo, or just want to start fresh, this is the process for you.

During the system reset Kevo forgets any enrolled smartphones or FOBs, as well as any previously stored calibration settings. Those devices will need to be re-enrolled and recalibrated after completing the reset. Users will also need to issue new eKeys to any users who have been issued keys in the past.

Support Center

We’ve also added a more robust support center to the Kevo app. Under the (+) symbol on the top right of the app, you’ll find the new support center. Inside are instructions and FAQs for setting up new devices like FOBs, or Phones. Also included are installation instructions for Kevo, Kevo 2nd Gen, and Kevo Convert. We hope the support center helps to answer any questions that our users may have about their Kevo smart lock. For additional support please give our team a call at 1-800-327-5625. We’re here to help!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our new app updates in the comments below! For more information about Kevo, and everything available in the newest app, please see here: Kevo Smart Lock 2nd Gen iOS App.