One of the most sought-after elements of today’s digital home among homebuyers is the electronic lock. This is a dramatic change from the days when the primary competitive advantages for a door lock were quality, style, finish and price. While these traits are still important, the role that smart locks can play in a digital home has pushed this once-humble device into an entirely new level of desirability.

Kwikset SmartCode touchpad electronic deadbolts with Home Connect™ technology can now interface with security and home automation systems using either a Z-Wave or ZigBee radio that connects to an in-home hub (such as a wireless router).

You can lock or unlock your door remotely and receive notifications and updates via text, email or mobile app. This provides control, peace of mind and the knowledge of who enters and exits your home each day by enabling a Kwikset door lock to wirelessly communicate, as well.

SmartCode eliminates the need for keys since the lock can store more than 30 unique user codes; you can simply assign and delete temporary codes as needed.

From daily access for your dogwalker, to temporary access for handymen and house cleaners, Kwikset makes it easy and convenient to grant access while maintaining control of your home security.

Try out our demo and see how easy it is to operate a SmartCode door lock.

Kwikset’s Home Connect locks allow you to wirelessly communicate with devices in your home, such as lighting, thermostat, security system and more. This integration can provide valuable security and convenience on a daily basis through customizable features that work in conjunction with your home automation system. For example: The systems can be set so when you enter your home at night, your lock code can trigger the lights and music to turn on, while concurrently disarming the security system.

The Home Connect locks are encrypted with 128 bit Advanced Encryption Standards (AES), making your door lock as safe as your online banking access, and ensures you’ll never need to hide a key, or run the risk of losing a key, again.

But just in case you do need it, you’ll always have a backup key that can be re-keyed to match your existing Kwikset locks using SmartKey® technology. SmartKey’s patented technology is bump proof and pick- and drill-resistant.

It’s important to note that the Home Connect features your specific SmartCode lock can utilize will depend on the controller system being used within your home, but the locks can support all available features and functions listed here.