Disclosure: Kwikset has provided monetary compensation and products for installation by The Home Repair Tutor.

Are you interested in smart locks but unsure of how to install them? Are you worried that it will take more than a day or require professional installation? Jeff Patterson, The Home Repair Tutor and DIY handyman expert, shows how easy it is to install a smart lock in minutes featuring the Kwikset Kevo Touch-to-Open smart lock.

With projects like how-to build a bathroom vanity and DIY tips for easily replacing old carpet, Jeff’s helpful how-to install videos are packed with great tips and tricks that make any DIY-install simple, quick and easy.

If you’re looking to add convenience to your life and home in minutes, watch Jeff show you how easy it is to install our Kevo smart lock.

Simple, quick and easy. By following Jeff’s five easy steps, you can install a Kevo smart lock for a fun DIY project this weekend.

Step 1: Remove your current deadbolt.

Using a drill or screwdriver, remove your old deadbolt via the two screws located on the back of the interior of the deadbolt.

Step 2: Install a new latch.

Measure the hole diameter and select the latch that fits the diameter. Position the latch and adjust the length to fit the hole. Slide the latch into the door, test the latch using a screwdriver and secure the latch with screws.

Step 3: Install the Kevo smart lock.

Measure the thickness of your door to determine which screws are best. Position Kevo on your door and slide the deadbolt stem through the interior of the latch. Then, slide the wires of Kevo under the latch and press the deadbolt against the door.

Place the bracket on the interior of the door, slide the wires through the bracket and secure the bracket using the provided Kwikset bolts.

Step 4: Install interior panel.

Before installing the interior half of the lock, remove the battery cover and pack from the interior piece and plug the cables from the Kevo into their correct electrical components. Then, tuck them into the piece and secure the piece with provided screws.

Slide those batteries and cover back on, double check the deadbolt is working properly and get ready to program your Kevo smart lock.

Step 5: Touch-to-Open your smart home.

Make sure you’ve already downloaded your MyKevo app and have your account up and running. Open the app, calibrate your phone and the deadbolt and you’re ready to go.

With our Kevo Touch-to-Open smart lock, you can have added convenience, peace of mind and enhanced home security all with the touch of a finger… and within 30 minutes.

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