“Alexa, Lock the Front Door” – Control your smart locks with your voice.

This week, smart homes get smarter, as both SmartThings and Wink will bring voice controlled smart locks to your home. This week the two home hub platforms will roll out an update that will allow users of their hubs and Kwikset SmartCode products with HomeConnectâ„¢ to lock their connected products by simply asking Alexa, […]

Kevo Convert: A simple way to make your existing lock smart

Meet Kevo Convert: A new smart lock conversion kit from Kwikset, and the latest extension of the trusted Kwikset Kevo platform.

Available for purchase now, Kevo Convert is a simple way to make your lock smart and pair it with your phone, adding convenience and peace of mind to your life without committing to installing […]

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Four Smart Home Trends in 2017

Disclosure: Kwikset has provided monetary compensation and products to Epic Tech Videos to attend CES
As the smart home space continues to grow, more household items are making the leap towards connectivity and evolving to fit seamlessly into everyday lives. This year at CES 2017, we partnered with tech expert, Dom Esposito of Epic Tech […]

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