Enjoy a Cleaner Home: How Do Kwikset Products with Microban Technology Work?

You lead a busy, hands on life. Between juggling kids, pets and work, you don’t have time to think about all of the bacteria the products you use are exposed to throughout the day, both in your home and outside. On untreated surfaces, bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes.

That’s why we partnered […]

Obsidian: Cutting edge design meets keyless entry for the modern home

Modern design and technology go hand-in-hand, and as technology evolves and becomes part of your everyday life, you expect it to reflect your personal style. Over time, we’ve enhanced the style of our keyless entry locks to reflect the glassy, touchscreen look of a sleek smartphone to bring modern style and convenience to your […]

Kwikset Security – The BlueBorne Threat

Recently, Armis Labs discovered a new Bluetooth threat. We’ve received many questions and concerns over the security of your connected devices, so we hope this post helps answer those questions. In short, your Kwikset devices that use Bluetooth technology, namely Kevo and Premis devices, are secure and are not at risk of attack from […]

Kevo Touch-to-Open – Android Updates!

On September 12th, 2017, we launched several highly anticipated updates to our Kevo App for Android. These updates improve lock response time, both when using Kevo Touch-to-Open™ technology and when locking and unlocking in app. These updates also provide more troubleshooting resources. Download the latest app from the Google Play Store to experience the best that Kevo […]

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3 Factors to Consider when Purchasing Door Hardware

Whether you’ve just purchased your new home or you’ve lived there for 30 years, there are many reasons to replace your front door hardware. For nearly everyone, the #1 reason is home security. You can learn more about how new homeowners are increasing their home security in our partner post with Trulia. In this […]

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Three Steps to Increase New Home Security

From looking far and wide for the perfect place to negotiating and then finally moving in, buying a house can be a chaotic process. And once you have finally found “the one”, it’s time to begin the improvement process to make your new house a home.

While there are several projects to be done after […]

Which Kwikset Smart Lock is Right for You?

The smart home is quickly growing, but the overwhelming amount of different systems, apps, hubs and products can be intimidating and prevent people from taking the leap. A smart home starts with the front door, and there are a variety of proven smart lock options on the market to make your life more secure […]

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Kwikset Kevo – Improve your Touch-to-Open Experience!

On August 1st, 2017 we launched a few highly anticipated updates to our Kevo App for iOS (Android coming soon). These updates improve lock response time both when using Kevo Touch-to-Open™ technology and when locking and unlocking in app, as well as providing additional troubleshooting resources. Download the latest app from the App Store and experience the […]

Style + Security: Front Door Makeovers

This summer, we partnered with some of our favorite home improvement and DIY bloggers to help spruce up their homes with a front door makeover! We sent each blogger their favorite Kwikset products with patented SmartKey Security and here’s what they had to say.
Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick:




“I was so thrilled when Kwikset offered […]

Security is a Top Concern Among Recent Home Buyers

Buying a home can be an overwhelming life milestone, so Kwikset partnered with Trulia, a home and neighborhood resource for homebuyers and renters, to really understand how recent homebuyers think about the home buying process and help them through their experience. What we found is that no matter what the experience was like – […]